My Shit

Remember ages ago I said I’d do the salvia and then blog about it?

Well I just did it and here I am blogging about it; see how that works?

Was frickin’ awesome! At first I didn’t know how it was gonna go, I was trying to say something to someone then I just kept repeating it, and then taking breaths in to stop laughing that I thought was just natural at first but then it hit me that the stuff had started to kick in. Then everything just felt great! Felt like we was the only people in our own little world, just moving round in circles everything looked great but it looked the exact same as it did before, but it wasn’t just a grey old school it was walls for our own world. After laughing and falling around everything felt really bouncy which again was hilarious and I felt the need to stamp, which then turned the bouncy cheat off. After another chunk of seconds the walls ‘protecting’ us then felt like wall paper, I felt like I could strip down the reality to reveal an outside world, not just outside of the school yard we had climbed into but an entirely different world. Definitely an awesome experience! I had the first bit which was the strongest and gave the best effects and Reece (sampsizzle) had the second and experienced laughter and the loss of balance resulting in him laying on the floor in hilarity. Another guy Josh had the sloppy thirds and didn’t give the effects me and Reece had, he said he didn’t really enjoy the experience but he did laugh and was at one point on the floor. Back to my own experience, I kept trying again and again whilst on the same effect I just didn’t want it to end it was awesome and because mine was so strong I was feeling the effects even after the main trippyness had worn off :)

Anyway we tried it again in a car park but because our friends were being major douches with their cars it failed, we was in the wrong state of mind and it didn’t take effect because of this.

Some girls in the car next to us were talking about tumblr, whoever Monkeyslut69 is or whatever sorry we flashed a bare anus at you whilst driving past.

What a night!